See why every tradie is switching to Checkatradie

As a marketing tool, Checkatradie provides a great way to share your company’s story, and develop trust and subject-matter authority through regular updates and customer recommendations.

Welcome to Checkatradie. The number #1 tradie social site. We are here to help

Your Checkatradie activity shows other professionals that you value and participate in business communities, and sends a message about your company’s competence with technology and emerging media. Especially for business-to-business firms, these connections can drive referrals that result in new clients, customers and contracts.

With Checkatradie’s blog and advertising pages, it’s easy to communicate what you have to offer, and to tailor this message for different industries, groups and demographics. Listing your products also allows you to collect recommendations, as one report notes, and “to drive traffic back to your website’s products or services page, which can ultimately drive sales.”

As current and previous employees actively use Checkatradie, they create a growing network that links (quite literally) back to your company page, expanding your brand presence.

The network offers companies a great way to advertise job openings to a diverse talent pool. Plus, the candidate profiles say much more about a potential employee than the typical resume and work samples.

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